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      1. Purpose of the terms of use.These Terms of Use are intended to govern the relationship between the site and the Bulgar Biotic CUSTOMERs, including mutual rights and obligations..

        By visiting and shopping from, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. Otherwise, please do not use this site.
        The site of Bulgar Biotic, located at, is the property of Bulgar Biotic Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “MERCHANT”, and is an online store. Bulgar Biotic Ltd. is a legal entity engaged in the production, distribution and retailing of food supplements. The offered products are certified according to the Bulgarian legislation.
        The prices of all the articles on the MERCHANT website are calculated in Bulgarian levs.


        Terms of providing personal data.

        By registering on the Merchant’s website, the CUSTOMER must provide some of his / her personal data necessary to fulfill the order.

        The information provided by the CUSTOMER to the MERCHANT is: name, city, address, telephone and e-mail.

        The MERCHANT does not aim to request data that is protected by the Personal Data Protection Law. The MERCHANT undertakes that the personal data provided will not be publicly disclosed or disclosed to third parties.

        The MERCHANT ensures that the CUSTOMERS ‘personal contacts will not be used for abuse or spam that is outside the activities of the MERCHANT. Bulgar Biotic Ltd. is responsible for the law on the use of personal information of its customers.

        The CUSTOMERS are not obliged to provide personal information, but in this case, when ordering, the MERCHANT does not conclude a contract with the user and is not responsible for penalties.



        Deliveries are made by courier, by the courier company “SPEEDY” JSCo within 3-4 working days for the territory of Bulgaria / Sofia. Delivery can be made by :
        а. Personal address
        б. Office of the courier company

        Out-of-country deliveries …… (Europe and other countries) are carried out with a courier company …… or their partners for the respective country.

        For delivery to an address outside Bulgaria, the value of the order is paid in advance by bank transfer, together with the delivery price, which is determined by the price list of the courier company.

        In case of delay in delivery, the CUSTOMER immediately contacts the MERCHANT, who will take the necessary measures to solve the problem.

        After placing each order on the site, the CUSTOMER receives an automatic email and an SMS to confirm the order. The confirmation is a contract concluded between the MERCHANT and the CUSTOMER. If the CUSTOMER does not receive the confirmation within two working days, he must contact the MERCHANT by phone +359 88 275 41 63
        After delivery of the shipment to the courier of “SPEEDY” JSCo, the CUSTOMER receives an automatic email and SMS with information about the shipment.


        Cash on delivery

        Order, delivery and payment

        Products can be ordered in one of the following ways:

        a.From the site, through the shopping cart

        b.On the phone: +359 88 275 41 63

        c.By email:

        d.Via the contact form of the site

        For orders over 40 lv or more, product delivery is free.
        If any of the products in the order is not available, the CUSTOMER has the right to take advantage of the replacement of the product or to refuse its order.

        In case the CUSTOMER agrees to receive another product, the total amount due for the order is adjusted according to the price of the new product.


        Conditions for refusal of order / return of purchased goods / replacement of ordered goods.
        Each CUSTOMER of has the right to refuse an order in the following cases :

        The order has not been previously confirmed

        Incorrect cash on delivery

        Different or not all the products ordered were received

        In case of defective products, expiry date or open package

        If the products are canceled by the CUSTOMER without reasons under point 6.1, the MERCHANT reserves the right to contact by telephone to claim the reasons for the refusal.
        The CUSTOMER has no right to cancel the order in the following cases :
        а. If he has confirmed the order and none of the cases mentioned in 6.1 exists.
        б. If the CUSTOMER made the wrong choice of the ordered products
        в. If the sole reason for the refusal is the CUSTOMER’s dissatisfaction with the positive effects of the product
        г. In case of negative effects of the product, provided they are caused by one of the ingredients and the CUSTOMER is aware of its intolerance to it or if the consultation with the doctor and the manifestation of symptoms in contraindications is explicitly stated, but the user acted at his own discretion.

        Return orders can only be made if the shipped products are returned in excellent commercial form. ‘Excellent commercial form’ means that the integrity of the packaging is preserved, the protective film is not broken or removed and the product is not opened.

        If the refusal is the fault of the MERCHANT, the cost of returning the order shall be borne by him.

        If the refusal is the fault of the CUSTOMER and has given its consent, the cost of returning the order is at the expense of the CUSTOMER.

        Any order cancellation can be done via email or through the contact form of

        The order can be canceled within 7 days of receiving the products.


        Inability of the MERCHANT to deliver the product.

        If the MERCHANT cannot fulfill the order,  CUSTOMERS’s request will be accepted and he will receive a second call as soon as the product is available.
        The MERCHANT is not responsible and does not owe any penalties for running out of quantities of a product.
        The MERCHANT does not owe any penalties or interest when the order is delayed up to 20 working days.

        Issuance of a Cash Receipt.

        The MERCHANT aims to comply with the financial laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and is obliged to issue a cash receipt or postal money order document for the value of the products ordered.
        In the absence of a cash receipt or a postal money order document in a shipped order, the same may be requested by the MERCHANT.
        The cash receipt and the postal money order document are provided with all information about the legal entity Bulgar Biotic EOOD.


        Products information.

        The MERCHANT provides nutritional supplements related to a healthy life to its CUSTOMERS.
        The MERCHANT does not offer to its CUSTOMERS medicines and products that are on the prohibited list of Regional Health Inspectorate.
        The TRADER does not offer or supply to persons who have the quality as a consumer under the Consumer protection law for the following categories of goods :
        a. Medicines and homeopathic products;
        b. Other medicinal products;

        The MERCHANT sells under the Consumer protection law food supplements at a distance from legal entities and individuals.

        Online store complies with Ordinance No. 47, which entered into force on 28.12.2004 on food supplements and food additives.

        All products offered by the online store are NOT for the purpose of cure or treating medical conditions and diseases!

        Bulgar Biotic Ltd.’s obligations regarding the provision of information to the CUSTOMER.

        The MERCHANT undertakes to provide the CUSTOMER, prior to acquiring the product, with relevant information enabling him to make his choice, which includes:
        All product features to be known to the CUSTOMER, including the composition, packaging, and instructions for use, assembly and storage;
        Price, quantity, method of payment and other contractual terms;


        Liability for misuse of products.

        All products on are not medicines and should in no way be used as such. The MERCHANT is in not responsible by any mean for the use of the products as medicines.

        The MERCHANT is not responsible for any mental or physical harm that may occur after using the products presented on the site. Always consult a doctor or specialist about how to take the product before use.

        Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children under the age of 18 must consult a doctor or specialist before using the products on offer. The MERCHANT is not liable for any mental or physical harm that occurs after the use of the products presented on the site.

        If the CLIENT is taking medication or suffering from a disease, s/he must consult with a doctor or specialist before taking the offered products. The MERCHANT is not responsible for any mental or physical harm that occurs after using the products listed on the site.

        The information on is informative and should in no way affect the choice and acceptance of the products presented on the site. Use of the information on the site is only the responsibility of the CUSTOMER.
        If after the purchase of the products within the term of validity and without impaired appearance and integrity, health complications and other side (unexpected) effects occur, beyond the ones described on the packaging of the products, the CUSTOMER may claim liability from the MERCHANT..


        Copyright and advertising. undertakes to comply with all requirements laid down in the Bulgarian legislation regarding the labeling, advertising and sale of food additives.

        All graphic materials, images and all content of the site is the property of Bulgar-Biotic EOOD. Using them without the express written permission is illegal.

        A CUSTOMER who has purchased or ordered goods from the MERCHANT, agrees to be present in a client register and to receive advertising and other commercial messages from following the instructions in the commercial communications themselves.


        Changing terms.

        The MERCHANT reserves the right to change these Terms of Use without prior notice to the CUSTOMERS. The modified Terms of Use will be uploaded to the site upon their entry into force. is the property of Bulgar Biotic EOOD, address: Sofia, 19 Iskarsko shose Blvd., e-mail: